Nautical Lawyers

Scheepsrecht Advocaten are specialised nautical lawyers, with an in-depth knowledge of boats and boating, inland shipping, sailing charters and charter vessels. Our clients include both commercial maritime enterprises and private boat owners.  We look after your interests in the areas of commercial shipping as well as water sports. Scheepsrecht Advocaten nautical lawyers maintain contact with branch organisation HISWA Vereniging, the Dutch Inland Waterway Office (Kantoor Binnenvaart) and the Dutch Professional Charter Association (Vereniging voor Beroepschartervaart, BBZ).

Scheepsrecht Advocaten nautical lawyers was established in 2011 by nautical lawyer Joris Klompé after he found himself being increasingly involved in legal support for maritime clientele. HISWA Holland Marine Industry associate Maeike Woelinga joined Scheepsrecht Advocaten Nautical Lawyers in 2014 to continue her legal practice. To cope with the increasing workload in administrative legal matters, Mariska de Jonge joined the team in 2016.

Scheepsrecht Advocaten nautical lawyers assist their clients in cases concerning contract law and liability claims, mainly related to buying or selling, building, overhaul and repairs of pleasure craft and commercial vessels. A substantial part of our practice concerns insurance claims and disputes. We will also help you draft, assess and apply agreements and general terms and conditions.

If you have a new yacht under construction or your boat is being renovated, please do not hesitate to contact the specialists of Scheepsrecht Advocaten nautical lawyers  in time. Prevention is always better than cure.

Scheepsrecht Advocaten nautical lawyers are also experienced in administrative law cases, such as licencing and permit disputes and providing defence against enforcement decisions.

We also assist our clients with their general employment, leasing and debt-collection issues. If you have questions outside our specialist areas, we will be happy to refer you to the right experts in our network.

Scheepsrecht Advocaten nautical lawyers is centrally located at only 20 km from Amsterdam, in the well-known water sports village Loosdrecht. Our offices are easy to reach by car or public transport. See our contact page for further information.

The lawyers of Scheepsrecht Advocaten nautical lawyers will always try to find the best solution for you and help you to consider the possible outcomes of legal proceedings. Sometimes it is best to try to reach a settlement, but if needed we will put our very best efforts into representing you in court.

Scheepsrecht Advocaten nautical lawyers is a co-operation between independent lawyers, registered in the Dutch trade register with number 64280594. All assignments are made with the individual lawyers working at Scheepsrecht Advocaten nautical lawyers and always include the applicability of the general conditions as published on this website.