D. M. (Maeike) Woelinga, solicitor

Maeike Woelinga worked as an in-house lawyer and solicitor for HISWA Holland Marine Industry, an association uniting 900 watersports companies, for almost two decades before joining Scheepsrecht Advocaten in 2014.

People working in the maritime sector tend to have a boating background. This is certainly the case with Maeike. Before she started her legal studies at Amsterdam University, she worked in sailing charters, inland shipping and at a shipyard. Her comprehensive hands-on experience makes her your ideal partner as she has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the marine sector.

Maeike has been involved in the ongoing updates of the eight different sets of HISWA Terms and Conditions and is also the author of the General Terms and Conditions used by the Dutch Professional Charter Association.

Maeike is a civil law expert and she is your partner for advice and litigation when agreements are not met (including debt collection), but also in cases where no contract is in place and your interests are affected or you are facing liability claims. 

J.C. (Joris) Klompé, solicitor

Joris Klompé is a sailor at heart. Before he started his current career as a solicitor, he worked for many years in sailing charters, as well as on commercial vessels in inland and coastal shipping. He studied law, but also has his captains certificate with commercial endorsement for large sailing ships and commercial vessels.

In his free time, Joris is still an enthusiastic sailor with an in-depth knowledge of ships and shipping including technical and other practical issues on board.

After working as a solicitor in Amsterdam and Hilversum in the Netherlands, he founded Scheepsrecht Advocaten with a focus on the marine industries, concerning both yachts and commercial vessels.

He is your partner for advice and proceedings in various areas of law. Apart from contract law, he is also your go-to partner for your legal issues with insurance, employment, leasing and copyright. He serves many small and medium-sized companies in commercial shipping and the yachting industry. If you are a private boat owner running into problems, he is also the right person to ask advice.

 In 2007 he completed the Grotius transport law specialisation programme and he is a member of the Dutch Transport Law Association.


M.N. (Mariska) de Jonge, lawyer

Mariska de Jonge is a qualified lawyer, and sea-river shipping is her passion.

Mariska studied law at Groningen University and started her career in 2005 as an administrative law lecturer. She made the transition to a government organisation in 2010. Her position is primarily aimed at legal matters concerning administrative law. In November 2016, Mariska joined the Scheepsrecht Advocaten team to focus on the administrative law part of our legal practice.

When Mariska is not at the office, you can find her at sea or sailing the inland waterways. She has first-hand experience and a good overview of the legal matters you may be confronted with.

Mariska is the person to consult on matters of inspections, audits, permits and enforcement. She will also be happy to help you submit a request under the Dutch Public Access to Government Information Act or file a notice of objection or a complaint. She will assist with proceedings before the administrative court in the first and second instance.