Our rates

It is a fact that going to court is expensive, but our legal aid is value for money. At Scheepsrecht Advocaten nautical lawyers  the rates depend on the complexity and the importance of your case. Our standard hourly rates are € 245 excluding VAT for b2b clients and € 225 excluding VAT for private clients, but in specific straightforward cases a modified rate may be agreed upon. Scheepsrecht Advocaten nautical lawyers do not charge you extra for "office costs" or other surcharges.

A brief first consultation by telephone is normally free of charge, to give you the opportunity to get a quick opinion on your case by one of the lawyers of Scheepsrecht Advocaten nautical lawyers. During this first conversation we will check if there is a conflict of interests that would prevent us from assisting you and we will make an initial assessment of your position and chances. If we think we can be of further assistance to you, we will make a follow-up appointment.

Scheepsrecht Advocaten nautical lawyers will put in their best effort to offer you best returns, and we can also help you in cases with a relatively modest stake, offering you a customised-fee arrangement.  Although we normally charge standard hourly based fees, other arrangements are negotiable, for instance:

Hourly rate 

Our honorarium is calculated by multiplying the agreed hourly rate with the time spend on your case. The standard hourly rate at Scheepsrecht Advocaten nautical lawyers is € 245 excluding VAT for b2b clients and € 225 excluding VAT for private clients. When the stake of your case is lower than approximately € 15,000 a modified hourly rate is negotiable. 


In some cases we can make a specific arrangement with you for a lower rate in case  our efforts do not lead to the desired result and a higher rate or a bonus  in case they do. Thus your costs will be lower and it is easier to take a risk, especially in cases with a limited interest.

Fixed fee

A fixed fee deal means that we agree in advance upon a fixed charge independent from the hours we spend on your case. Naturally we can only make such arrangement in cases that are relative simple or when our efforts are limited to consulting or drafting of agreements. In specific cases it is also possible to conduct administrative proceedings against a fixed fee.

Debt collection rate

In simple cases of debt collection we can offer you a rate that is a fixed percentage of the amount to be collected. If the other party is ordered to pay the extrajudicial collection costs on top of their debt, our costs will be covered for in the judgment.

Subsidised legal aid

In some cases a private person can be assisted on the basis of government subsidised legal aid, depending on your income and your capital. More information on government subsidised legal aid can be found on www.rvr.org.


You will be sent a comprehensive invoice with a specification that enables you to check all hours charged to your case. For this we use the time registration and invoicing programme Urios, that records time in units of five minutes. Normally you will be sent an invoice every month.

In addition to our fees, you will be charged for out of pocket expenses such as court fees, bailiff expenses and fees for extracts of governmental records. 

Travel time will be charged at 50% of the agreed hourly rate and travel expenses at a rate of € 0,20 per kilometer.

The standard term for payment of our invoices is three weeks.


Litigation costs 

Going to court always includes the risk of a defeat, in which case you may be ordered to reimburse the court fees and liquidated costs of the proceedings. We will always inform you about these risks in detail before starting court proceedings.